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Educational Services Meeting Summary for May 9

STEM Planning Update-

Discussion focused on enrollment projections over the next 3 years and immediate plans for professional development with Lincoln School staff as well as parent communication in the coming weeks and months. 

Wisconsin Assessment System Update-

Dave Vitale shared the Language Arts and Math proficiency goals as part of Wisconsin’s ESSA

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posted May 12, 2017

Educational Services Meeting Summary for April 11

Elementary Instructional Coaches Program Information: 

Kari Dean, Nancy Zimmermann, and Desha Keuler shared details of their grade-level coaching cycles, assessment practices with common formative assessments, and commented on the general progress of the instructional coaching role at our elementary schools.  Jenny Borst provided the history and vision of the program. 

Professional Development Day Preview:

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posted April 13, 2017

Educational Services Meeting Summary for March 14

High School Laude Honor System Proposal

Bill Loss outlined a proposal to eliminate class rank based on GPA and replace it with an honor system that combines GPA with course selection to produce a Laude score.  Laude is a Latin term that means “honor”.  Laude courses will cover several departments in both the core and elective areas.  It is generally considered to

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posted March 17, 2017

Educational Services Meeting Summary for February 14

Riverside Middle School SLO – Jon Rouse and Luke Spielman previewed several slides from the Riverside Middle School SLO (School Learning Objectives) presentation that will be discussed at the full Board meeting in February.  The presentation will cover progress toward academic and non-academic goals.

Achievement Gap Reduction Program Update (AGR) – Andy Bare updated the Committee on the Schurz School

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posted February 15, 2017

Educational Services Meeting Summary for January 10

RMS Academy Update

Bryan Bremberger and Alex-Agar Pratt highlighted student projects and the mission and vision of the RMS Academy including a new website with files and resources.  The team discussed the impact of Project-Based Learning on student attitudes toward school and challenges of teaching the project process.  The team also shared student creations, artifacts, essays, and inventions that integrated

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posted January 11, 2017

PDPs for Initial and Professional License Renewal

Teachers, administrators, and pupil service professionals who completed a pre-service program on or after September 1, 2004, must renew a license  by completing a verified Professional Development Plan (PDP).  The PDP is a process for the renewal of an educator’s license based on planned professional growth and evidence of the impact of that growth on student learning. While it is recommended that

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posted January 5, 2017

Educational Services Meeting Summary for December 13

2017-18 High School Program of Studies

Two new course proposals were discussed for the upcoming school year in Social Studies and Tech Ed/Mathematics.  Advanced Placement World History would be offered to juniors and seniors beginning in 2017.  Advanced Placement courses offer students the opportunity to earn high school credit while possibly gaining eligibility to earn advanced standing in their first year of

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posted December 14, 2016

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posted May 29, 2015
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