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Welcome to ConnectEd
The ConnectEd Educators Project is a communication, collaboration and instructional solution designed by educators dedicated to supporting successful practice in education. Not only is it possible to create professional profiles with the easy-to-use portfolio-building tool, but users also have the opportunity to communicate and connect with groups and individuals near and far by accessing Roundtable discussions, the Message Center, and a host of other user-friendly tools and features.

The Student Center is the instructional component of ConnectEd. It houses a secure, reliable and intuitive infrastructure that supports teacher-built problem, project and inquiry based curriculum as well as communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills. No other solution empowers students and teachers like the Student Center.

ConnectEd places a priority on quality design, security, and functionality so that educators can share the knowledge, skills, attitudes, ideas, and vision they bring to their practice. Likewise, users have the opportunity to discover the attributes and experience of others with the potential to help fill a need or convey an idea. Users can also inform and interact with colleagues, students, and other groups and individuals about events, ideas, and key communications in a fully integrated, multi-modal manner that is customized and controlled by the user. Everything's in one place!
Getting Started
Using the tools within ConnectEd and the Student Center is easy. Click here to create your login account and begin working with the tools. Click on the menu items on this page to get a better look at your options. You can also view a sample profile or take the profile tour.