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David Vitale
State: Wisconsin

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Ph.D. Commencement Ceremony. Pictured with my advisor (right). 
Receiving Wisconsin State Reading Association's Outstanding Administrator Award in 2008 

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Letter in support of my practice regarding mentoring new teachers 
This is a professional development action framework developed for teachers in my district. Our goal was to develop job-embedded professional development that focused on improved knowledge of students and student performance 
Correspondence from Texas A&M University 
Letter A

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Letter B

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I've worked with Dave Vitale for almost 10 years. His clarity and vision for education is consistent and entrenched in the best research. He empowers faculty and staff to become better professionals by removing obstacles, providing resources, sharing a vision of practices that promote student engagement, and by setting high expectations for everyone to continue to improve their 'game' through professional development and self reflection. He is a gifted leader.

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