Privacy Policy
ConnectEd collects user-submitted account information such as name and email address to identify users and send notifications related to the use of the service. Other user information, such as address and telephone number is collected to safeguard the interests of all users and is not disclosed in any public or private manner.

ConnectEd does not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information. However, ConnectEd may use aggregate usage information in a non-personally identifiable manner to improve the site and assist with research and development directed to better serve users.

Profile information and information included in Roundtables and the Message Center, including names, photos, files, podcasts, and links, are displayed on the site according to a user's profile access setting. This information supports the function of the site and facilitates communication among professionals where users can connect with other professional, colleagues, and students through email addresses and weblog entries. Individual users control access levels to profiles and, therefore, are responsible for determining the degree of privacy related to information in a profile. Individual users are also responsible for making available the url to his or her site content.

ConnectEd users may modify or remove any personal information at any time by logging into their account and accessing features such as Edit Profile, or security and access features located in the Preferences pane as well as other segments of the site such as the Roundtables and Message Center.

ConnectEd does not sell email addresses.

Legal Disclaimer
This site operates as is and as available, without liability of any kind. We are not responsible for events beyond our direct control.

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