Student Center
The Student Center was developed for use by the Watertown Unified School District, but is available to other schools and districts. The benefit of the tools lies not simply with their design and functionality, but with the population of users that contribute to the content within. The Student Center houses tools for students and teachers to interact and communicate within a scalable network of members from both within and beyond the classroom. Within each Student Center are weblogs, podcasts, announcements, and roundtables that permit users to collaborate, cooperate, and dialogue for student success. The Student Center also contains a problem-solving framework that guides students through a process of critical thinking about certain types of projects or problems.

Watch a video explaining some of the Student Center's features to get a multimedia glimpse at its potential.

Each student organizes and maintains his or her Student Center. Teachers also maintain a Student Center and have the ability to set permissions for student access to tools, as well as monitor the work of their students. The network of students is overseen and guided by teachers and other educators interested in leveraging Student Center tools to extend and support teaching and learning.

Access to the Student Center is available exclusively to verified ConnectEd members. If you're not a member, register now. Once you've registered, you can request a Student Center from ConnectEd's administrators.

It is possible for a ConnectEd member to administrate multiple Student Centers. For instance, a member who is a teacher may request a Student Center for each class he or she teaches.

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