Educators working together create and discover new pathways in a shared profession. The Roundtable is a place where members with common challenges or interests meet to consider possible directions to go. Contribute your ideas and insights by participating in discussions with other members who can benefit from your presence.

My Roundtables (view example)
My Roundtables shows an overview of the activity in which a ConnectEd member is involved. Included are Roundtables led by the ConnectEd member, membership in Roundtable discussions led by other ConnectEd members, and Available Roundtables, which are public Roundtables and Roundtables that the ConnectEd member has been invited to join.

Roundtable leaders can manage the length and participation of the discussions through customizable options available during the creation and editing process.

Roundtable Memberships simply list the discussions that a ConnectEd member is actively participating in. Members have the option of discontinuing participation by selecting the unjoin option.

Create A Roundtable (view)
Members can establish a Roundtable topic and discussion by selecting the Create a Roundtable option. Public or private (invitation only) settings, group size and duration are all determined by the Roundtable leader. Prior to posting the Roundtable, the leader creates a name for the discussion and a key question, issue, or idea to discuss. Other members will then have the option of joining the discussion to share advice, ideas, or possible solutions.

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