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ConnectEd Member Benefits
Educators today are connected in many ways and this connectedness can fuel widespread professional growth and improved practice.

Dispositions define an educator's approach to practice.  ConnectEd promotes communication that reflects dispositions that influence work with students and colleagues.  A commitment to learning, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, credibility, and hard work all help define the approach of a professional educator with whom many others hope to network. 

Experienced educators can organize ideas, artifacts, accomplishments, and insights into a tabbed profile that is easily accessible and maintainable anytime and anywhere. Profiles are used as a means of sharing information about the educator with others in the field who are interested in locating people with the attitudes, skills, and experience that can help them.

Profiles can also reveal annual efforts of an educator's work. Profiles might highlight progress toward goal attainment, professional growth and development, professional practice, and vision and leadership ideas for the future

Aspiring leaders and educators in training programs or internships can showcase the skills and abilities they would contribute to the field.

Educators representing teams and organizations can locate and network with professionals on similar or complex issues and initiatives that each faces.  ConnectEd fosters a diffusion of ideas and information and introduces a dialogue seldom before possible.  Schools and districts experiencing a redistribution of roles can access other sources to help them run effectively and efficiently.

Roundtable discussions foster collaboration and team building among members whose views and skills align with, or complement, other ConnectEd members.

Communication occurs in a timely, efficient, and advanced manner that differentiates this medium from the monotony of paper methods. 

Profiles help merge the technical, conceptual, and interpersonal components of an educator's practice that highlight skills and attitudes that make a difference.

The self-motivation involved in using this service conveys a strong message about an educator.  Be proactive.

Peer-to-peer learning results from the networking opportunities that ConnectEd makes possible through access to information about effective educators, leaders, and aspiring professionals in education. 

ConnectEd provides an organized space for reflection and professional growth to members who use these tools to record thoughts and ideas related to practice.

Information can remain public or private.  Users can choose from a full range of profile access levels as well as other customizable features including profile themes, password protected files, and peer review options.

Widespread, Web-based access means users can communicate as they go.  As a result, lengthy blocks of time are not necessary to build and maintain a profile, access Roundtables, or maintain communication via the Message Center.

Users determine the content included in a profile, Roundtable, and Message Center.  Only response fields that contain information are uploaded, thereby maintaining an appealing blend of customizability and standardization.

Are you a presenter at workshops and conferences?  Extend post-event contact with workshop attendees by setting up Roundtable follow-up correspondence.  This correspondence can be of variable duration and can be organized around the event name and date.