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About ConnectEd
The ConnectEd Educators Project is an independently operated, fully integrated networking, communication, and instructional solution dedicated to supporting successful practice in education. ConnectEd offers a space for educators and aspiring educators to:

• inform others about the perspectives they bring to their practice
• search for ideas, information, and individuals
• interact and network with professionals in the field
• access web-based tools to enhance and extend instruction from anywhere in the world

If you use this site and benefit from the tools and resources, please consider supporting the effort. The developers of ConnectEd currently offer this resource for free. Because the site is independently operated and places a priority on quality design, security, and functionality, costs are incurred that could be offset by donations of any amount from its users. Thank you.

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Management Team
Dave Vitale, Ph.D.
Dave currently works as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a K-12 school district in the Midwest. Prior to this, he served as a principal, assistant principal and high school teacher. Dave completed his degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focus was professional development for instructional technology integration. Naturally, then, his time is often spent dabbling in emerging technologies as well as raising his two daughters with wife, Jill.

Bob Logan
Bob's professional background is in secondary science and mathematics, which he taught for many years. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently serves as Supervisor of Instructional Technology in a mid-sized, suburban school district in Southern Wisconsin. When not working with teachers and students, Bob spends time with his family of seven! In addition to these responsibilities, Bob is also a high school wrestling coach and co-founder of, an online repository of wrestling news, forums, and resources used by thousands in the wrestling community around the state of Wisconsin and beyond.